Mexican cell phones, almost free.

Mexican cell phones are almost free. Do Canadians know how badly they are gouged on cell phones? This is what Carlos Slim offers on the Amigo Plan through his company Telcel. Mexican cell phones give you 5Mb of data, free WhatsApp, FB and Twitter and unlimited calls throughout North America for $14 a month ($200 pesos or $100 pesos for 3Mb of data). Want more? Take your Mexican cell phones to Canada and NOTHING changes, no roaming charges! Use it as if you were in Mexico for calls and data.

Ok keep in mind that Telcel has almost a total monopoly on Mexican cell phones. Yet instead of gouging, Slim maintains his control brilliantly with great value. His other company, Telmex offers a landline with free North American calling, TV and internet for $26 Canadian /month ($400 pesos).

Last point, this is the real North America, not like the US and Canada where North American 800 numbers don’t include or work in Mexico.

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